Welcome to the MycoNet community!

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance and permeate various aspects of our lives, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is every persons responsibility, whether we know it or not, to take an active role in shaping its development in an ethical and responsible direction. With AI having the potential to transform society for the better but also pose serious risks if not developed and used responsibly, it is critical that individuals from all walks of life engage in discussions and actions that help ensure its benefits are realized while minimizing potential harms. In this context, it is important to recognize that ethical AI development is not solely the responsibility of tech companies and policymakers but rather requires a collective effort from individuals, organizations, and communities at large. By actively engaging in discussions around AI ethics and contributing to its responsible development, we can help create a future in which AI is a force for good and benefits society.

MycoNets approach to adhere to this vision includes:

Supporting and contributing to the overall development and security of the Bittensor Network by running reliable Validators on all subnets maintained and designed for near 100% uptime with future plans to run all machines off of 100% green power.


Delegate with us!

Here is how:
Subnetwork 3: Finney Validator: UID 423
Subnetwork 1: Prompt Network: UID 146
Delegator Hot Key Address: 5Dkv8-7qjGG-F42SN-hDAep-6WZp6-5E29c-2vUPU-fDBGD-NevEN-CMs

We believe that owning TAO goes much deeper...

By delegating your TAO to MycoNet, it is an easy way to join and contribute to a community that understands this very important responsibility we humans have, moving into the future with developing a decentralized AI for Humanity. We seek to attract delegators and developers who share our passion and vision and who are committed to advancing AI for the benefit of all.

How will delegators benefit from delegating to MycoNet?

MycoNet's dedication to scaling with the Bittensor Network ensures reliable and secure validators with near 100% uptime. We plan on maintaining validators on multiple subnets to maximize our delegators incentive return. We are developing a unique NFT platform that will be the first of its kind in the Bittensor Network. It will give pride of ownership, reward loyal delegators with a competitive APR rakeback program that utilizes a unique NFT mechanism to reward loyalty and the amount of TAO delegated. There may also be possibilities for referral rewards, staking incentives, and more (Details TBA).